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Weather predictions for 2015? No thanks.

By Jerry Davis


I just checked the Old Farmer’s Almanac for 2015. Hoo boy.

This is a ritual that I’ve practiced for the last few years as weather events have trended toward increasing disruption. Could it be that our recent spate of blizzards, power outages, heat waves, hurricanes, deep freezes, wind storms and you-name-it has made me yearn for predictability and calm from the meteorological gods? Can the Old Farmer’s Almanac give me the peace of mind I seek?

When we’ve been hit with weather calamities, our tenants have been incredibly understanding, and our staff has worked tirelessly to resolve things as fast as possible. Sometimes, such as with the blizzard in early 2013, snow removal resources are stretched statewide and no one in our area can move. Those are the most frustrating situations because it’s out of our hands. Those are the ones that, I hope, the Old Farmers Almanac, can predict.

So what does it say about 2015? Not that much, actually. Winter will be colder and a little wetter than normal, with snowfall above average. Most of the snow will come in mid January and early to mid February. A warmer than normal spring awaits. But summer will be hotter and drier than normal, and a tropical storm with threaten in August.

That should make me relax into the New Year, right? Seems calm enough. Except that the Old Farmers Almanac claims 80% accuracy. What about the other 20%? That’s 73 days of the year! A lot can happen in 73 days. Blizzards, ice storms, hurricanes, you name it. So instead of being calmed by a calm forecast, I’m back where I started. Hoo boy.

So welcome 2015. We know you’ll bring us excitement, but maybe not too much. Those of us at Davis Realty will be standing by, just in case you do.

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